Dejos ma fenestro i a un aucelon
Tota la nèit canta, canta sa cancon

Se canta que cante, canta pas per ièu
Canta per ma mia, qu’es al luènh de ièu

Aquelas montanhas que tant nautas son
M’empachan de veire mas amors ont son

Nautas son, plan nautas, mas s’abaissaran
E mas amoretas sa reprocharan

Baissatz  vos montanhas, planas levatz-vos
Per que posque veire mas amors ont son


1. Below my window, there is a little bird / Singing all night long, just singing his song.
Chorus . Let’s sing what is sung, it doen’t sing for me /It sings for my sweetheart who is far away from me.
2. Those montains which are so high / prevent me from seing my loves where they are.
3. They are so high, but they will lower down / and my loves will come nearer.
4 . Get down you mountains, and you plains get up / so that I can see my loves where they are

« Se Canta » is a very old Occitan song.  It is a song of love and peace and depicts very well the Occitan way of life. It would be considered just like the Occitan anthem. Everybody in Occitania is proud of it.

Enjoy it and learn it if you love it. That way you will be able to sing « Se Canta » each time you meet Occitan people. For them that will be a wonderful gift.
Thank you.